The Child Resource Center of Baltimore County at Abilities Network Project ACT is excited to offer you support in all things related to early learning and out of school time programming.

Project ACT has been a leading support in the Maryland early learning community for 23 years. Our professional development opportunities have promoted and supported the inclusion of all children in their community settings. We are dedicated to working with child care providers and families to ensure that all children have access to a high quality early learning experience and quality out of school time programming. This is done through on site coaching, mentoring and training for child care providers and assistance with all aspects of setting up, managing and maintaining a child care program whether in a center or in a home.

Abilities Network

Abilities Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that assists individuals with disabilities in Maryland to achieve their personal goals and reach their maximum potential. Abilities Network’s mission is to challenge the community to acknowledge the value and equality of people of all abilities.


Project ACT

Families, child care providers and teachers know that often times a child may need a little extra help to thrive, but many do not know how to help or where to turn. Abilities Network’s Project ACT program can help with the following: on-site training for child care staff, individualized child observations and support planning, center wide coaching and mentoring to increase staff knowledge and skills, family support, resource and referral services, and access to individualized services to facilitate the optimal growth and development of children.