Child Care during COVID-19 Survey Extended and Earn 5 PAUs for Helping

The COVID-19 Parent Survey About Child Care Needs is extended to November 6th and now every licensed child care provider in Maryland has the opportunity to earn a total of 5 PAUs to help the MSDE reach families across the state.  

Tell your families about the survey and ask them to provide their email address to you for MSDE to provide a direct link to the survey.

If you provide MSDE a list of every family in your program, the person identified as coordinating the effort will be awarded 2 PAUs.

The next step is to follow up with each family to ensure that at least 50% of your families have completed the survey.

When you receive at least 50% of your family’s completion, you will be awarded 3 PAUs. 

Get all of the requirements to earn PAUs for the survey at Email documents and forms to receive your PAUs to

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