StAR Technical Assistance

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StAR Technical Assistance, funded through a grant from the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council, is designed to support the special needs of children and child care providers. Project ACT would like to assist you in achieving your goals for classroom inclusion. Through this project we provide three technical assistance sessions designed to promote the understanding and growth of children with special needs and increase the provider’s capacity to include these children in child care programs. We begin by getting to know your unique program needs and assisting you in creating a customized action plan. Project ACT Specialists also provide hands-on modeling, coaching and mentoring in the classroom to assist with implementing inclusive strategies. Specialist can assist with writing social stories, creating visuals specific to your classroom setting, and more! Follow up sessions focus on learning how to make inclusive practices work for you and sustain these practices over time. This service is available to licensed providers statewide! Call today to learn more about how we can assist you in providing an inclusive environment through hands on experience!

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